Paddle Start Course

We teach the new Canoe England Paddle Start Course within our three sessions to 12 candidates between 6 and 18yrs old.

This video can demonstrate some of the skills you or your child will be learning.

Four Base Training


We start by teaching children how to safety enter their kayak, how to enter the water and how to paddle.

Escape drills

Capsizing is a big risk on open water so we get children accustomed to it in a controlled situation. Once they are comfortable we teach them out to exit a kayak safety and rescue themselves.


To prepare them for real life situations we teach them how to use trowlines to rescue some in danger, to communicate and bring others to safety.

First Aid

A big part of kayaking is water safety and we teach basic first aid skills such as DR ABC and the recovery position.

The Chain of Survival

In our sessions we will teach your children about correct water safety, making them aware of potential dangers while giving them the skills and techniques to assist others in danager. We keep it light and fun with lots of games to help them learn and do their very best. Our first aiders teach the basic of DR ABC and CPR.


Find out the specific skills we teach during this course, follow the links to coaches teaching criteria.

Paddle Start criteria