How we started?

The Children's Kayak Charitable Trust was the culmination of a great deal of work from a very simple idea back in 2001. Could we provide a new and exciting experience for children of the area? The answer was yes and we've been sucessful in doing so since.

We are a non profit making Charity and have to raise funds via sponsorship and donations.

We have a wonderful chairman and founder David Shortell, who oversee all the charities progress with the help of a dedicated committee to keep our courses and volunteers at the top of their game.

All of our success couldn't of happened without the fantastic suppport of our local communities and businesses.

What we provide?

Our 2020 programme is designed to support Youth Organisations and allow us the opportunity to deliver the New Canoe England Paddle Start Course for children aged 6 - 18 years and the sessions are held between 4.40pm to 6.30pm on Saturdays throughout 2020.

We hold three sessions per course for the children to learn basic kayaking skills with one to one training, learning first aid and water safety along the way.

The children then put their skills and knowledge to the test to gain their certificates followed by lots of fun games.


The Charity Safeguarding officer is

Mrs Jill Biddle and her deputy is

Mrs Rebecca Davis.

Should you have any concerns relating to safeguarding which relate to the Charity trustees, Volunteers or any aspect of the Charity please make immediate contact with either of the above named officers.

Mrs Jill Biddle's email is

Mrs Rebecca Davis's email is

Your details will be kept confidential and held only until you are happy that the issue has been resolved.


GDPR guildlines

(The General Data Protection Regulation)

The Charity only retains information sent to us from third parties if it is in relation to course activities for yourself or your child. This information is disposed of following the completion of your choosen activity date.

If there is not a GDPR form present for every individual at a session approving photographs, none are taken by the Charity or allowed by spectators.

If you have any concerns regarding the GDPR guidelins or wish simply to speak to a member of the Executive committee please email David Shortell at



Evesham Leisure Centre



WR11 4SU

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